Eimsky - Smart Asset Tracking System (SATS)

Smart Asset Tracking System

Easily Tag, Detect & Locate‎....

Product Overview

Change is the only constant. High-performance companies use change to their advantage. As today’s business process are becoming more complex, expensive and demanding due to never-ending change, it is vital that they move on to smart and efficient methods of achieving their business requirements.

Smart Asset Tracking System (SATS) is a software which is created to track the movement of Assets in the organization. The system can be configured to track the movement of any type of asset in the organization as per the requirement.

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology which uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags play the most important part in this process. RFID enabled tags are attached to each and every consignment. By using the technology, the user can track and view the movement of these items seated from one central location.

At A Glance

Smart Asset Tracking System enabled with multiple tracking technologies such as Active RFID,Passive RFID,NFC,Barcode,Bluetooth Beacon & IoT etc.

Tracking Is Important

Smart Asset Tracking System (SATS) tracks assets both internally & externally in real-time. The system enables organizations to uniquely identify any asset by affixing or embedding an RFID tag/Barcode.

Tracked assets enable workflow optimizations, real-time inventory management or location services and help reduce human error.