Eimsky Bridge™ Solution to Automate Logistics Campus.
One Card-Many IDs

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Expo Freight Ltd

Solution for EFL logistics campus automation is bench marking project for Eimsky.

State-of-the-art security and visitor management system, Smart cafeteria management System and POS, Smart Hot Desking System, Intelligent Building Automation Integration power by Eimsky Bridge™ Platform.

Combining the right technology with right platform provided the best tracking solution for EFL facility.
It improves the process of EFL facility by providing real-time visibility across their enterprise – no matter how complex. This scalable and modular solution, connect and engage with their employees, customers and partners in new ways to become leaders in this connected, digital world.

Eimsky Bridge™ Solution to Improve Cement Distribution Logistics

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Holcim (Lanka) Ltd

Holcim (Lanka) Ltd is a part of the global Holcim group and it is the preferred cement manufacturer and supplier in Sri Lanka. Eimsky Bridge™ replace the manual process and Speed up the register-in, check-in, loading and weighing processes by using RFID UHF Gen2 with real-time experience in their outbound and inbound logistics operations. Through our solution we could rectify practical operational issues such as complicated paperwork.

Our enterprise RFID solution identify each truck and notify its arrival and purpose to the relevant personals automatically. The system utilizes RFID for access control, dispatching, weighing, parking, entry, exit and unloading. By providing real-time tracking of each and every truck with its location and activities, the system ensures efficiency, minimum errors and streamline the entire distribution process.

Eimsky Bridge™ Solution to Improve Agent Tracking Process

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Department of Motor Traffic

DMT has approximately 800 agents working for them, whose duties include liaising with companies such as car dealers and importers, etc. This process involves a sizeable amount of daily paperwork which decrease the efficiency of the entire operation, especially as there is no one to examine the bundles of forms and assess them for quality.

Our RFID based solution provide a robust tracking mechanism to monitor, agent's daily routine, movements and behavior .etc within the premises. This lead to a tremendous improvement in their customer service, while the DMT's commissioner and designated senior officials are able to track the agents' movements, time spent at different departments etc. which would otherwise have to be done through a traditional form filling. The solution helps to save time, reduce cost and simplify the entire process with added features such as weekly and monthly assessments.

Next Generation Customer Loyalty Powered By Eimsky Bridge™

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Sampath Bank PLC

As a pioneer of banking sector in Sri Lanka, Sampath Bank wish to take their personalized service one step further by providing an ultra-personalized experience to their VVIP customers where begins even before the customer walks into the premises.

Customer loyalty with next generation experience enable the manager/assistant manager of the bank to receive a notification with customer’s name and a photograph when a VVIP customers enter the car park. This process ensured that the assistant manager was in a position to arrange personalized service with minimal engagement time, thus providing a highly personalized experience to the customer.

Asset Tracking, Dispatch & Collection Made Easy With Eimsky Bridge™

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Imagine Entertainment

As Sri Lanka’s foremost entertainment services company, Imagines’ daily procedures which includes tracking a multitude of assets across its work process.

Our solution is a high value asset tracking and inventory solution which provides tracking for release, recall and inventory of items. The system also provides real time tracking of each and every item from large speakers to tiny cables. Through the system, it would only take mere 2 days to complete an audit which was previously took 10 days. This solution helps to increase operational productivity by minimizing time wastage.

NFC Enabled Check-in

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Prima Group

The Prima Group Dealer Convention 2014 drew a large number of invitees, and the aim of the company was to provide a personalized, high-tech experience to their invitees.

Our solution provided NFC enabled check-in by utilizing an interactive system that identify and register guests, and display a personalized welcome message at the entrance. It created a positive impression on the mind-sets of dealers, as the company was positioned as a progressive and technologically forward entity.